The Conjuring Curiosity Show


Ian educates onstage at the same time as he brilliantly entertains. His show combines youthful energy and charm with a deep understanding of the traditions of his craft, stretching across the centuries based on first hand research. Ian’s magic is truly ‘Magic of the Mind’.
— Adam Goodheart- New York Times best selling author


Ian started learning magic when he was seven years old. After studying psychology at Washington College and receiving his masters in education from New York University, it’s apparent now more than ever that the real magic wasn’t merely in illusions, but how the magic taught him to connect with others. Ian works closely with his students to teach them effects that will astound both friends and family, while at the same time improving their cognitive learning by thinking actively about methods and motor skills.    

Ian’s attention to detail makes him a gifted teacher
and an excellent performer in the art of magic.
— Terri Cook, Director of Tannen's Magic Camp