About  Ian

Magic has been part of Ian Flinn’s life for more than a decade. His first encounter with magic was at the age of 7 when he saw an entertainer at the Philadelphia  International Airport performing a sleight of hand effect that cause a dollar bill to levitate. Flinn was entranced, and begged his father to buy the trick for him. Soon he became absorbed in the world of magic, dabbling with tricks  he learned from magic books and performing for family and friends. At age 11, he began attending Tannen’s Magic Camp, the world-famous camp where David Blaine, Adrien Brody, and David Copperfield honed their skills. The camp made a lasting impression.
 Ian has captivated audiences all over the United states from the west coast in Los Angeles California to Palm Beach Florida! Ian was awarded Best Close-up Act, by The Magician's alliance of the Eastern States, a magic organization with magician from all over the east coast. Ian was also awarded by Tannen's Magic inc. , one of the most recognized magic distributers in the country.

Ian has already made a wonderful contribution to the history of magic with his book, Conjuring Curiosity. The preservation of magic for future generations is in good hands”
— David Buck, CEO of ArtofMagic.com